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LED Voice switch corridor module built in delay shipping led energy saving lamps Ceiling special wholesale voice Promotions

Item specifics

Working voltage:
Induction range:
20 meters
Stairs. The corridor, corridor

Product Description



Product introduction
sound light controlled switch full name is the acoustic control delay switch is a no contact point in particular environmental light using sound effects stimulate pickup of acoustoelectric conversion is controlled by electrical open and subject to a time delay will automatically disconnect the power supply energy saving electronic switch range
this switch is widely used in
Hotel : Hotel Office the factory warehouse residential areas at the garage corridor aisle entrance toilet elevators and other public places matching lamps use , this switch can load the incandescent lamp bulb and energy(saving lamps lamp ring lamp ) fluorescent lamp light source LED Features automatic induction
The switch in a certain sound decibels automatic light
1.     after a certain period of time delay automatic shut
saving , automatic metering . Application of photosensitive control .
2.     daytime or light not induction
3.     at night or can be induced under weak light , also do all day can induction , automatic delay switch once the trigger . if the sound stops
4.     after according to the last stop before the time for the reference point
to , start delay delay time for the switch through the adjustable resistor to set the time for the quasi , General , seconds ( seconds .technical parameters 20 Product Model -40 Product Model )
working voltage output mode
relay :AD02-S1
load power 60X50X25MM
saving lamp incandescent lamp :AC180V-240V(50/60HZ)

boot volume:The equivalent of the footsteps <150W, start brightness equivalent to sunny day at dawn when the sky brightness delay time<200WLED second Less than 120W
this switch can induction of glass and acrylic and other good light transmission material shade of light and sound D65dB Less than D≤75dB this switch is composed of an integrated circuit to control the switch circuit through the light control switch
day the selfLLLess than 5Luxlocking
no light or darkness 20-40 Product Model
the realization of intelligent Home Furnishing energy security durable instructions for use press shell on the wiring diagram install the switch power after a minute into the initialization timeAt initialization time switch for unsteady 20-40 Product Model minute after entering the normal working state like day to check whether the switch is normal hand covered with black object file or switch makes the light dark
a voice to conduction lights
1.       delay and the sensitivity to the factory set delay time and photometric quasi , see the specific technical parameters , the switch can not adjust the delay time and the switch is installed photometric , , please don't will switch is installed in direct sunlight and hot and cold air import and export position should not be installed in too much noise environment using , otherwise you will because of false news, and the lamp light can not achieve the effect of saving energy,This switch allows parallel access , but must pay attention to power issues , second .
2.       the switch to standard load power test normal ( working voltage output mode ) no light or darkness .
3.       when installation, please disconnect the power , to ensure the safety of , ban over power range for . second , installation is not recommended in a noisy environment using .
4.       after sale service , who purchase the company's products can be warranty , months . boot volume, boot volume please rest assured that the use of purchase .
and the appearance of damage
1.       scratching , can be directly replaced with new products.
2.      The following circumstances not belong to the scope of warranty .
3.       not according to the specifications for installation .

Packaging Details

Unit Type:
Package Weight:
0.500kg (1.10lb.)
Package Size:
30cm x 30cm x 30cm (11.81in x 11.81in x 11.81in)

Sabtu, 11 April 2015

TX-5 Vehicle Tracker Motorcycles anti-theft system

100% brand new and high quality
Real-time location tracking,track palyback
Support SMS and GPRS platform tracking
Built-in spare battery,realize illegal shear line alarm
Built-in vibration sensor,realization vehicle anti-theft intelligently
Voltage range:9~48V DC
GAM bands:900/1800 MHz or 850/1900MHz
Standby current:about 0.2mA
Size: 56*39*13 mm
Net weight:58 g
Packing Content:
1 x Vehicle Tracker Motorcycles anti-theft system LBS+SMS/GPRS
1 x Connector cable
1 x English user manual

Packaging Details

Unit Type:
Package Weight:
0.080kg (0.18lb.)
Package Size:
15cm x 12cm x 6cm (5.91in x 4.72in x 2.36in)

Pelacak kendaraan gps tracker mobil TK102B

Deskripsi Produk

  • Barang laku di pasaran
  • Car gps tracker tk102-2 yang Asli
  • Mudah memasangnya dan tersembunyi di mobil anda
  • Gampang melacaknya

  • .Auto location report
  • .Authorize/delete the tracking phone number
  • .Covert alert & voice surveillance
  • .Geo-Fence: alert in case of breaching the predefined district
  • .Movement alert: alert in case of movement
  • .Speed alert: alert in case of excess of the pre-definded speed
  • .Power alert: alert when device is being switched off

1. Empat jenis Cara Pelacakan :
  • Pelacakan Cara A  >:  SMS + Map software;
  • Pelacakan cara B>:    Smart Cell Phone;
  • Pelacakan cara C>:    Real time tracking, and track via your computer;
  • Pelacakan cara D>:   simple & useful real time tracking via our website.
  • Tracking way D>: i waktu
2. Build in 1M memory & Support 4G SD card: This is a latest update feature!


Dimensi                :  64mm x 46mm x 17mm (1.8 "'* 2,5' '* 0,65' ')
Berat                    :  50g;
Jaringan               :     GSM / GPRS;
Band                     :  850/900/1800 / 1900Mhz;
GPS Chip               :  SIRF3 Chip;
GSM / GPRS Modul :  Siemens Mc55 atau Siemens Mc56;
Sensitivitas GPS    :  159dBm;
Akurasi GPS          : 5m;
Waktu untuk Pertama Fix:  45s status Dingin, 35S status Hangat, 1s status Hot;
Mengisi Mobil:  masukan 12-24V, 5V output;
Dinding Charger:  110-220V masukan, 5V output;
Baterai:  3.7V , 1000mAh Li-ion
Baterai: siaga 80hours;
Tahan Air;
Magnet yang kuat;

  • 1* GPS tracker TK102
  • 1* Wall charger
  • 1* Power supply(include USB cable)
  • 1* Magnet case
  • 2* Batterys
  • 1* Water-proof bag
  • 1* Manual
  • 1* Disk
optional accessories:
  • hard wire car charger(add $3)
  • cigarette car charger(add $2)

About shippingSwiss post can't send the products with battery, so if you choose swiss post, we will send via Pos Malaysia, please understand us, many thanks.

Please notice:   Clearance is the buyer's responsibility 
 Our tracking platform:
If you want to use your PC to tracking your car/pet/person, you need buy our online tracking platform service to active the imei of your gps tracker. The price is $10 one year, or $30 permanent, we have a trial ID, you can feel it.

Platform web pelacakan kami:
percobaan ID: demo Password: 8888

Mengapa membeli dari kami:
  • Produk Berkualitas, inspeksi penuh sebelum pengiriman, ditambah satu tahun garansi
  • Produk BAIK-Kualitas, BAIK & INSTAN layanan (baik sebelum dan setelah menjual).
  • 24 jam layanan online: Jika tidak ada respon pada saat ini, hanya meninggalkan  sebuah  pesan, saya akan menghubungi Anda sesegera mungkin

  • Setiap pertanyaan, jangan ragu untuk memberitahu kami tahu!
  • Kami akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk memuaskan Anda.
  • Tolong beri kami lima bintang, banyak terima kasih.

Rincian Kemasan

Unit Type        : piece 
Package Weight: 0.500kg (1.10lb.) 
Package Size      : 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)

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